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Buoga is like a browser, but it is fully customizable and secure. Are you tired of having to remember all websites you use? Don't like to keep in your head all your user names and passwords? Buoga makes your life online easier and more convenient! Buoga is a Cloud application, no installation is required, whether you're on PC, tablet or smartphone

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Easy to use

Do you want to become an advanced Internet user quickly and easily? Buoga simple functions can be used even by a child. Browse the Internet with a single click and without effort!

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Buoga focuses on high level of security and user privacy. We use the best AES 256 encryption standard which is the best on the market and has never been broken by anyone in the world.

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Create your own desktop for surfing online with your favorite sites, create folders, create your icons with your own images! It's great! Buoga offers a simple, user-friendly and customizable interface for your online life.

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Imagine your desktop Buoga! Look how Buoga will help you turn your surfing online into your own world!

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